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Susanne Svantesson
is a Swedish freelance dancer/choreograher and film maker.
» dance
Susanne has worked as a freelance dancer/choreographer and dance teacher since 1987
after graduating from the University of Dance, Stockholm.
She has worked with many different choreographers in numerous performances
and has also created her own productions since 1990.
» film
Susanne works also as a film maker and has made the documentary film
KING of HERRVIK, a film about boat builder Axner Bodin from Herrvik on the Swedish island Gotland.
She has also made films NACKA MECHANICS - and the story of two brothers, and MEN WHO DANCE.

Susanne has been awarded a grant from the Memory of Björn Lindroth Foundation for her work with film.
The ceremony took place on the barge NORTHERN LIGHT in the city of Stockholm October 2010.

"Susanne Svantessons films are not only documentations of a forgotten time in the history of Swedish Industry.
They are about human dignity.
She dares to describe in long sequences giving time for your thoughts to wander to the place she chooses while the sky over Gotland turns to sea.
Perhaps her works are about life´s meaning."

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» jewellery
Aside from her work with dance and film Susanne has also created a jewellery collection.
» jewellery gallery!
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